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You must use the NASPO ValuePoint Travel Center Booking tool to book the hotel.

NASPO ValuePoint Lodging Details

Mission: NASPO ValuePoint Lodging was created to achieve two missions. First, to ensure State and political subdivision employees are able to find lodging facilities that will honor GSA per-diem rates for their stay. Second, for the States to gather their travel spend. NASPO ValuePoint Lodging contains a searchable database that will provide travelers a list of properties for their travel and will also gather all of the search information. When searching for lodging, please complete all the fields accurately. NASPO ValuePoint will keep track of the search results in hopes of leveraging the spend to achieve further savings.

Extension of existing in-state lodging programs: NASPO ValuePoint Lodging is meant to be an extension of in-state travel qualified lodging lists. In state lists may have a more comprehensive list that caters to the needs of that State. If traveling within your state, travelers should check any existing in-state list. If traveling out of your home state, travelers should use NASPO ValuePoint Lodging to search for lodging accommodations.

Pricing: Properties participating in NASPO ValuePoint Lodging must offer at or below GSA per-diem rates for State and Political subdivision employees.

Fees: Properties shall not charge Participant Travelers the following fees:

  • Change/Cancellation Fee if change or cancellation is received prior to 4:00 PM the day of check-in.
  • Booking, Deposit or Reservation Fee.
  • Short notice reservation fee.
  • Early Departure Fee.
  • Flat City Tax (State and local room taxes exempt from this tax).
  • Parking fee when staying with no vehicle.
  • Resort fees.
  • Energy fees.

Searching Properties: The NASPO ValuePoint Travel Center will display qualified properties for the city you searched for. The NASPO ValuePoint Travel Center will show amenities and additional information such as a map, property details, and rates.

Estimated Cost: When searching for lodging facilities, the estimated cost that pops up is based on the per-diem and length of stay for the city searched. This estimated rate may change if the property offers a discount or if your search dates begin in one per-diem season and end in another. Local taxes may vary by location and are subject to change without notice.

Booking a room: To book a room, contact your contracted travel agency if required by your state's policy. Or, click "select" to complete the booking process.

Telephone bookings: If you choose to reserve a room over the phone, you may need to provide the NASPO ValuePoint Lodging corporate ID and ask for the NASPO ValuePoint Rate.

Checking In: Travelers checking in at the hotel will need to produce verification of being a government employee. Verification types include: an employee ID badge, a business card with employees name printed on it, or a government credit card with employer name and employees name identified on the card.

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